Tidemand aims high at the Swedish Championship season finale

His guest appearance in the Swedish Rally Championship in August made Pontus Tidemand hungry for more. This weekend he is back, just in time for the championship season finale, and he is ready to rumble at Göhlins Skilling 500.

After crossing the finish line at Rally Killingen a month ago, it was a fact that Pontus Tidemand wanted more. He had not been competing for over eigth months, but offered good competition on the loose gravel and finished second. Now it’s time for a new battle, and just like in the season premiere, Pontus runs for EKS JC.

“It feels great to be back with the same team. They are incredibly professional and everything worked flawlessly last time. I’m really stoked to do a rally again, but also to get a chance for revenge. I have made guest appearances in the Swedish Championship finale before and the excitement usually kicks up a notch. We will go for the victory this weekend” said Pontus, who now has Patrik Barth back in the co-driver’s seat.

The rally Skilling 500 has been an annual event since 1971 and in time for the 50th anniversary, the rally makes its debut in the Swedish Championship. More than 70 drivers have entered and in the top category ‘International 4WD’, three previous junior world rally champions can be found, among them Pontus, who won the Junior WRC class in 2013. The service area is located to Klevshult and all in all, the rally consists of 15 special stages of a total of 110 kilometers in the areas around Vaggeryd, Skillingaryd and Åsenhöga. Already on Friday evening the event starts with the four first stages in the dark.

“I actually like driving the dark” said Pontus. “The last time I did that was in the WRC and it’s been a while, but an extra little challenge is always appreciated. Småland county is a fantastic place for a rally and with supportive spectators in the forest, this has got to be a really great season finale for the championship.”