Rallycross for EKS

Yesterday it finally became official that I will be driving rallycross too this year. I got the opportunity to be the number one driver in Mattias Ekström’s own team EKS and I simply got onboard. Team EKS is an ambitious and hard working team that aims to be on top of their game. Mattias is a world class driver and I’m hoping to pick up many tips and tricks throughout the year. To compete like this is not entirely new to me, I drove crosscart when I was younger and the step from there is not far. I’ve also done some supercar driving in the USA and last year I got to drive rallycross in Höljes here in Sweden. But no matter what kind of motorsport you do, all cars have a steering wheel and pedals, and the difference between rally and rallycross is basically smaller than you might think.

Since the news came out yesterday, I’ve gotten many questions about whether it is possible to combine this with my rally campaign, and the answer is pretty simple: there’s no problem. 2014 will be a busy year with a lot of competing and traveling but it’s definitely possible to make the puzzle come together. I will continue driving WRC 2 just as planned and we’re hoping to participate in five more events. I see no conflict between rally and rallycross, the more driving I get to do, the better for my future.

We’re planning on making our EKS RX debut in Lydden Hill in England in May, and after that we’ll try to do as many events as possible during the year. It will be a crazy year but there’s only one way to go and that is forward. So with that say I’ll borrow team EKS and Mattias’ motto: Go Hard or Go Home…

Mattias launching the news at the RX pre season media day in Italy yesterday.
(Photo: Jakubnitka.com)