Pontus Tidemand in the lead after Rally Deutschland’s second day

Rally Deutschland has been a difficult rally for many of the participating crews. While several competitors have been in trouble, Pontus Tidemand has shown sensible driving and a growing confidence on tarmac. After the second day of the rally, he has a lead of nearly two and a half minute. 

After an undramatic and composed start on Thursday, Pontus Tidemand and Ola Fløene was in second place, just over ten seconds behind José Suarez, when Rally Deutschland’s first day was over. It was all about safe driving on the two special stages and although the car felt perfect, Pontus was positively surprised to be that close to the lead.

“The right confidence isn’t there yet, so we have driven safely. But the feeling has been really good, so I’m gonna try to put some pressure on the other two in top three tomorrow.”

On Friday, Pontus quickly found a good pace and on the second stage of the day, he took the lead with 15,7 seconds – a time difference that increased significantly during the day as more competitors got into trouble. Suarez, who is the main competition in the overall championship standings, went off the road and Yeray Lemes, who was in second place behind Pontus, got gearbox problems. When the sixth and last stage of the day was finished, Pontus lead had extended to as much as two and a half minutes.

“We’ve had a good day without any incidents or mistakes”, says Pontus. “In this position you have to think and stay away from problems and that’s what we’ll try to do. The rally is far from over so we have to keep focused.”

The last six stages will be driven tomorrow Saturday. The first one goes live at 08.03.

Photo: André Lavadinho