Pontus happy with his World Championship premiere


In his first World Rally Championship round, 21-year-old Pontus Tidemand impressed with multiple stage wins and a overall third place in the SWRC class.

– I am very satisfied with the event and it is very useful experience to have with you in the future, says Pontus

On Friday, Pontus shockstarted to be the fastest S2000-car overall on the first stage and longest of the whole weekend and it continued with a good pace during the day. But on stage eight ,Pontus got snow in the air intake and lost nearly four minutes when he was second place in the class .

– Was really sad that it happened, I got a little far out in a left hander and the front went in the snow bank. It was enough to fill the air intake so we had to stop and clean the airfilter, says Pontus


On Saturday Pontus continued the fast pace and Pontus which was in third place, did several impressing stagetimes.

– I had a long way up to second place and a considerable distance to them behind me, but I have tried to make good stagetimes through the day, says Pontus

On Sunday, it was important for Pontus to take the car into finish and secure third place in the SWRC-class.

– I went really fast the first run on the stages on Sunday but the on the second run, I took a little quieter. I’m delighted to come in third place in the SWRC and fifth place among S2000-cars, says Pontus