About Pontus


Date of birth: 10 December 1990
Lives: Charlottenberg, Sweden
Hobbies: Watersports, seeing friends and motorsport.


Pontus Tidemand has quickly established himself as a fast and versatile driver, scoring major successes in crosskart, rallying, rallycross and touring cars – despite still only being 25 years old.

Having driven a quad bike aged two, Pontus’ first taste of competitive came in crosskarts, where he became both Nordic and Swedish champion. First steps in rallying came in 2007 at the wheel of a Volvo 940, and he contested the Junior Touring Car Championship in 2008. In 2009, Pontus made his rally debut at senior level and contested the Subaru Cup for the next two years – finishing second in his first season and becoming champion in 2010.

Pontus’ rise up the rally ladder was rapid. In 2011 he became the youngest driver to win the Swedish Rally Championship (Ford Fiesta S2000) and moved into the FIA Junior World Rally Championship in 2012 – winning the JWRC title the following year (Ford Fiesta R2). His world class potential was illustrated at the 2014 Rally Sweden where he ran as high as fourth overall before technical problems side-lined his Ford Fiesta RS WRC.

In 2014, he mixed rallying with seven rounds of the inaugural FIA World Rallycross Championship. Highlights included victory on the KNA Rally Finnskog (Škoda Fabia S2000) and Mountain Rally (Ford Fiesta RS WRC), 8th overall at Rally Sweden (Ford Fiesta RS WRC) and WRC 2 victory (and 9th overall) at Rally Germany (Ford Fiesta R5).

Pontus became a SKODA Motorsport driver in 2015 and had a busy year as he participated both in the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship and contested selected WRC rounds in the WRC 2 class with SKODA’s brand new Fabia R5. With five wins out of six possible during the season, he took the APRC champion title and finished on the WRC 2 podium four times out of five for SKODA, including a victory at Rally Spain.

Career highlights

FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Champion
1st China Rally Longyou
1st Rally Hokkaido
1st Malaysian Rally
1st Rally Queensland
2nd Rally New Caledonia
1st Rally of Whangarei

Selected WRC rounds
1st WRC 2, Rally Spain
2nd WRC 2, Rally Finland
2nd WRC 2, Rally Poland
3rd WRC 2, Rally Portugal

FIA World Rally Championship / selected Norwegian rallies
1st WRC 2 / 9th overall, Rally Germany
3rd WRC 2 / 11th overall, Rally Portugal
4th WRC 2 / 23rd overall, Rally France
8th overall, Rally Sweden (Ford Fiesta RS WRC)
1st overall, Mountain Rally (Ford Fiesta RS WRC)
1st overall, KNA Rally Finnskog (Škoda Fabia S2000)
Compteted on 7 rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship (Audi S1 EKS RX quattro) Best results:
4th – World RX of Germany
5th – World RX of France
6th – World RX of Belgium

FIA Junior World Rally Champion (Ford Fiesta R2)
1st JWRC, Rally Portugal
1st JWRC, Rally Germany
1st JWRC, Rally France
2nd JWRC, Acropolis Rally
3rd JWRC, Rally Finland
DNF, Rally Sweden (Ford Fiesta WRC debut – ran as high as 4th)
10th 2WD, Ypres Rally, Belgium (Ford Fiesta R2)
1st overall, Vinterpokalen Rally, Sweden (Ford Fiesta RS WRC)
Swedish Rally Sprint Champion (Ford Fiesta RS WRC)
1st class, Rally Sorland, Norway (Ford Fiesta R2)
3rd class, South Swedish Rally (Ford Fiesta R2)
5th class, Rallye de la Famenne, Belgium (Ford Fiesta R2)

3rd, FIA Junior World Rally Championship (Ford Fiesta R2)
2nd JWRC, Rally Finland
3rd JWRC, Rally Portugal
Selected rallies in Sweden
1st, Rally Uppsala (Škoda Fabia S2000)
1st, Vinterpokalen (Škoda Fabia S2000)
1st, Dubbeldalingen Rally (Subaru Impreza STi)
1st, Västrallyt (Škoda Fabia S2000)
2nd, East Sweden Rally (Škoda Fabia S2000)
3rd, SWRC Rally Sweden (Škoda Fabia S2000)
FIA Young Driver Excellence Academy member

Swedish Rally Champion (youngest ever winner)
1st, East Sweden Rally (Ford Fiesta S2000)
1st, Fäviken Winter Rally (Ford Fiesta S2000)
2nd, Snapphanerally (Ford Fiesta S2000)
2nd, South Swedish Rally (Ford Fiesta S2000)
2nd, Rally Sweden SM (Ford Fiesta S2000)
5th, Sigdalrally, Norway (Gp N Subaru Impreza STi)
7th, Rally Hadeland, Norway (Gp N Subaru Impreza STi)

Subaru Cup Champion

3rd, Subaru Cup Championship

6th, Romjulsrally, Norway (Gp N Subaru Impreza WRX STi)
31st, Offerdalingen Rally, Sweden (Volvo 940)
Junior Touring Car Championship – one pole and one race victory

Swedish Crosskart 250cc Champion
3rd, Norwegian Crosskart Championship.
5th, Munkforsrundan Rally, Sweden (Volvo 940)

First year in Crosscart 250cc series
2nd overall, Swedish Crosscart Championship

1st overall, Swedish Crosskart Sprint Cup
2nd overall, Swedish Crosscart Championship

Nordic Crosskart Champion
2nd overall, Swedish Crosskart Championship
2nd overall, Swedish Crosskart Cup
2nd overall, Swedish Crosskart Sprint Cup